Saturday, May 26, 2012

dos Santos vs Mir Prediction

Since I'm in Las Vegas to see Junior dos Santos and Frank Mir fight, I figured I should do a quick breakdown and prediction. I would like to start this article by stating that I like both men. I will be happy no matter the outcome of this fight. I do not believe this fight will make it out of the 2nd round. Both men put away opponents quickly and efficiently. Whether it is a knockout or a broken limb, this fight will end in spectacular fashion.

Now, as we all know, Junior will look to utilize his boxing and knock out Mir. Mir will obviously want to get his fight into his realm, the ground. However, I don't believe Mir has the wrestling/takedown prowess to force this fight to the ground. So with that said, the question arises. Is Frank Mir's standup game good enough to hang with Junior? I just don't think it is. He has shocked a few in the past, such as Big Nog in their first fight and Kongo. But, Junior is a better striker than both of those men.

Now, if Mir does somehow get this fight to the ground, Junior is in a world of hurt. Frank rarely gets a fight to the ground (in top position) in which he doesn't finish the fight. With all the trash talk going around, I'm shocked that Big Nog is bashing Mir's jiu jitsu as simple. If it was so simple, then why did the greatest jiu jitsu heavyweight at the time (because Mir is now the greatest heavyweight jiu jitsu practitioner) get his arm broken and submitted? I understand if you don't like the guy for beating you, but don't try to diminish his accomplishments because you were too stupid to tap.

Now, if I'm a betting man, my money would be on Junior dos Santos. However, I rarely bet so I have to go with my gut on this one. I predict Frank Mir will shock the world and submit Junior dos Santos in the very first round.  I've said it already, whether it is a knockout or a broken limb, this fight will end in spectacular fashion.

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