Saturday, December 24, 2011

My MMA Christmas Wishlist

Being Christmas Eve, I thought I'd write to Santa and request a few MMA related presents.
Dear Santa,

For Christmas I was hoping you'd get me a 1 or more of these gifts. I've been really good this year Santa, and I feel like I should get my entire wishlist, but a couple will be nice.

1. Even though I don't like Brock Lesnar, please let him win against Overeem.
2. I want Jon Jones and Rashad Evans to get their timing straight and actually fight.
3. I want GSP to get healthy and destroy Nick Diaz.
4. I don't care who wins, but I want Frankie Edgar and Ben Henderson to put on a war.
5. I'd like Anderson Silva to stop ducking Chael Sonnen.
6. I'd love to see Clay Guida actually get a title shot.
7. I want Kenny Florian to actually win a title.
8. I want Frank Mir and Josh Barnett to fight.
9. I want Gilbert Melendez come to the UFC.
10. I want Forrest Griffin to find his soul and fight like a man again.
11. I want Urijah Faber to beat Dominick Cruz.
12. I want Fedor to come to the UFC, Randy Couture to come out of retirement (again) and beat him.

So, there it is Santa, please make all my Christmas wishes come true.

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