Tuesday, October 4, 2011

UFC Live 6, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Since no undercard fights were shown, I’m just going to talk about the main card that I saw. UFC Live 6, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Let’s begin with the Good.

The Good

Dominick Cruz shows that he has the intelligence to be the champion. Instead of coming out and fighting his typical fight, he used his wrestling abilities to ground the high flying Mighty Mouse. Demetrious Johnson fought well, but Cruz’s smart gameplan showed why he is the champion. Moving forward is either a trilogy fight with Urijah Faber or a rematch with Brian Bowles, who he took the title from.

Next is Stefan Struve. I was really worried going into this fight that Pat Barry had actually trash talked his way into a stand up fight. I thought Struve would forget his ground game and stand with Barry. The first round, he did just that. But in the second round Struve utilized his excellent jiu jitsu and submitted Barry. Moving forward for Struve I like the winner of Chieck Kongo vs Matt Mitrione.

Matt Wiman showed that the first fight with Mac Danzig was no fluke. As I was watching this fight I was amazed at the amount of punishment Danzig took. Wiman kept thrown vicious elbows and monster power shots. I’m actually happy that this fight didn’t have a finish. Both men left it in the cage and Wiman got a good victory. Moving forward for Wiman, I’d like to see take a step up and fight the winner of Jeremy Stephens vs Anthony Pettis.

Anthony Johnson looked like he was in a different league in this fight. Brenneman had absolutely nothing to offer Johnson. I’m actually glad this fight was stopped a bit prematurely because it saved Brenneman from taking any more damage. I think Johnson needs a step up in competition. Moving forward, I’d love to see a rematch to see how his improved takedown defense stacks up against Josh Koscheck. 

The Bad

Demetrious Johnson falls into this category despite a gutsy performance. The reason he’s in the Bad category is his takedown defense and his inability to get back to his feet. Cruz really took his speed advantage away by grounding him at will. I do truly appreciate that he knew he was losing and actually fought like a man possessed to try and get the victory. Moving forward I think a match with the loser of Urijah Faber vs Brian Bowles would move him back into title contention. Also, if the UFC does add the 125 pound flyweight division, I’d love to see him drop down.

Mac Danzig hits the bad category for just not winning. Danzig left everything in the cage and fought as hard as he could. Wiman just had a little to much for him. Danzig again, fought well until the last 2 minutes of the fight. In my opinion the fight could have gone either way at that point. But Danzig failed to secure position and let Wiman sweep him. The rest is history. Moving forward, a rematch with Josh Neer who is now back in the UFC again.

The Ugly

Pat Barry, what can I say, the man needs to learn some takedown defense, some submission defense, and how to get the fight back to the feet. Moving forward, if he has any hope at a long MMA career, he needs to get an education on ground fighting. If he doesn’t he should leave the UFC and go fight in K-1.

Charlie Brenneman is a one dimensional fighter. He has his takedowns and wrestling. But the moment he runs into a man with takedown defense he has nothing. Anthony Johnson show just that. This fight was a completely one-sided beatdown that the referee mercifully stopped. Moving forward, hire a boxing coach.

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