Thursday, October 6, 2011

UFC 136 Main Card Predictions

Here are my UFC 136 Main Card Predictions. This card is absolutely stacked.
Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard

What a main event. If this fight is half as good as their second fight, this fight will be awesome. I believe Maynard will look to get this fight to the ground more than he did in their second fight. I think he knows that he has to ground Edgar to truly ensure a victory. On the other side, Edgar will shore up his boxing defense and won't let another beating happen, like in the first round of their last fight.

However, I do expect a very similar fight to the last one. I think Edgar will utilize his speed and takedown defense well, again. Maynard will look to land power shots and move the fight to the ground.

My prediction is Edgar via unanimous decision.

Jose Aldo vs Kenny Florian

Aldo finally looked beatable in his last fight when he gassed and Mark Hominick took it to him in the last round of their fight. I think this may spell trouble for Aldo. Florian is an extremely well-rounded fighter would can take this fight anywhere. In my opinion Florian's only weakness is his mental state. In both title fight appearances he's had in the past against, Sean Sherk and BJ Penn, he mentally psyched himself out before the fight. That weakness Aldo showed in his last fight may be all Florian needs to get mentally right.

I think this fight will be primarily a stand up fight. I don't think Kenny wants to test Aldo's jiu jitsu. I believe this will be a technical striking battle until someone gets hurt. Kenny is notorious for striking until the submission presents itself, whereas Aldo looks to demolish his opponent with strikes.

My prediction is Kenny Florian springs the upset with a 4th round rear naked choke victory.
Chael Sonnen vs Brian Stann

This is a contrast of styles. Stann is a powerful striker and Sonnen is an elite wrestler. I expect Stann to land a few shots standing before getting taken down by Sonnen. Sonnen will then look to grind Stann with ground-and-pound.

I honestly think Stann's only shot at victory is if he catches Sonnen with a big shot. Most of this fight will be on the ground with Sonnen on top.

My prediction is Sonnen via unanimous decision.
Melvin Guillard vs Joe Lauzon

Guillard has been looking unstoppable of late destroying his last 2 opponents and riding a 5 fight win streak into this fight. Lauzon is 4-2 in his last 6 fights but is always dangerous in every fight he's in. Lauzon makes no secret of his gameplan. He wants this fight on the ground, where he's scored 75% of his wins via submission. Guillard obviously wants this fight standing considering he's scored 19 of his wins via knockout.
This fight for me comes down to who can strike first. If Guillard can catch Lauzon early, he'll win this fight via (T)KO, whereas if Lauzon secures an early takedown and begins working his top game, I think he has a great chance to finish Guillard via submission.

My prediction is Guillard scores that big shot and knocks Lauzon out via 1st round TKO.

Nam Phan vs Leonard Garcia

I'm not 100% if this fight will be on the main card or the first fight on the undercard. I'm hoping it makes the main card. Phan and Garcia will rematch the controversial split decision that Garcia earned back in December.

I expect this fight to look very similar to the last one in which Garcia throws wild haymakers the entire fight and Phan uses crisp boxing to pick him apart. Hopefully the judges don't make the same mistake as last time and rob Phan of the victory.

My prediction is that Nam Phan utilizes that crisp boxing and scores a unanimous decision victory.

What an amazing card from top to bottom. I'd buy a pay-per-view just to watch the prelims if I could. This card is just stacked. Thank you Joe Silva and Dana White.

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