Thursday, October 20, 2011

Silva Ducking Sonnen?

So, I just finished reading a short interview with Ed Soares, Anderson Silva's manager. In the interview Soares claims that Sonnen doesn't deserve another title shot. But as I read this interview it feels like Soares is whining and is in fact trying to duck Chael Sonnen. My first piece of evidence is how he answered the question about Michael Bisping.

When asked if Michael Bisping beats Jason Miller would he be a suitable challenger?
“I’ll be honest with you: I never even really thought of Bisping too much. Not that I didn’t respect him as a fighter -- I do. It was just that it didn’t cross my mind because there’s so many things happening all the time. People talk about Chael and Brian Stann, and sometimes people are focused on the TUF show. But I think Bisping could be a good opportunity. GSP could be a good opportunity. There’s a lot of great opportunities."
If Chael Sonnen isn't deserving of a title shot and you want some new face to kick in, why not the winner of Bisping and Miller? Why aren't they deserving? Besides mentioning GSP, he gave no other names as to "suitable" contenders. Why is that?

Then he goes on to say this little gem.

Why do we have to keep repeating these fighters? We fought Rich Franklin twice. We’ll probably end up having to fight Chael twice. We’re going to end up fighting probably Dan Henderson twice. It’s just like, it would be nice to see some new faces in there getting a crack at it.”
Really, the only person Anderson fought twice was Rich Franklin, the man he took the title from. Rich won a couple fights and got a chance to get the title back. Chael would only be be the second person he's had to rematch in the UFC, and with good cause, Chael almost beat him. The likelihood of him fighting Dan Henderson again is slim in my opinion. Dan has stated several times that he has no desire to make the weight cut to 185 pounds anymore unless it is for a title shot. I don't think the UFC will give him a title shot without fighting a number 1 contender fight. Which is probably why he's coming back to the UFC as a light heavyweight fighting Shogun. The only other fighter he's ever rematched was Yushin Okami and their first fight was outside the UFC. Silva really has cleared out the division, so it's either rematch guys who have earned another title shot, or move up to light heavyweight.

So, why then is Silva and Soares crying so hard about having to rematch a man he beat while he supposedly had an injury? Why not accept this fight with open arms so that you can prove how much better you are? Why does it feel like Silva and Soares are trying to duck Chael Sonnen?

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  1. Good points but I don't think that Silva is afraid to fight Sonnen; but rather, he does not want to give him the opportunity due to all of Sonnen's smack talk.