Tuesday, September 27, 2011

UFC - Sport or Entertainment

So a couple of weeks ago I read an article from WWE star, Triple H, claiming the UFC was boring and not entertaining enough. This sparks the argument, is the UFC a sport or just for entertainment. Now in my opinion, this should not even be debatable. The UFC is a legitimate sport. In a sport, sometimes you get a boring fight or game. You can't tell me that last weekend's NFL games were all exciting. I feel these comments by an entertainer, not a professional athlete, are ignorant. The UFC is a sport, and sports do entertain people. But every fight will not always be exciting.

Now with that said, I do see some favoritism being shown to fighters that are more entertaining. A fighter like Dan Hardy who's lost 4 straight hasn't been cut because his fights are always exciting. Or a man like Jon Fitch who can't get another title shot because his fights are terribly boring. In that aspect, I can see where being more entertaining has its advantages. Fighters like Urijah Faber, Leonard Garcia or Stephan Bonnar will always find work because they are always involved in exciting fights. They just seem to relish a war and bring the best out of their opponents.

So there is some emphasis on entertaining fights. But I still argue that the UFC is a sport, not just some entertainment industry like the WWE. So, creating matchups that promote an entertaining fight will always be considered, but the fact that some fighters just have a boring style and they are still fighting in the UFC shows that this is a sport.

What do you think? Is the UFC a sport or just entertainment?

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