Tuesday, September 27, 2011

UFC Live 6 Prelim Breakdown/Predictions

Time to breakdown the preliminary fights for UFC Live 6.

Yves Edwards vs Rafaello Oliveira

What a tough fight for me to predict. Nothing truly stands out to me for either fighter. Edwards has a ton of experience posting a record of 40-17-1. Edwards has fought a lot of bigger names as well. Oliveira has a few tough fights to his credit as well, but nothing near the level of experience of Edwards. Edwards seems to have trouble with good strikers, but Oliveira is a Brazilian jiu jitsu guy so I believe he'll be just fine.

My prediction is Edwards by unanimous decision.

Michael Johnson vs Paul Sass

Michael Johnson an Ultimate Fighter finalist is in for a tough fight here, taking on undefeated Paul Sass. Johnson likes to utilize his wrestling to get his opponents down, control and unleash some ground-and-pound. Sass is a high level Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner. Sass opened his career with 7 straight triangle choke submission victories. Fighting off his back is no big deal. I expect the triangle master to continue his dominance.

My prediction is Sass via 1st round triangle choke.

Mike Easton vs Byron Bloodworth (late replacement the week of the fight)

Byron Bloodworth is replacing Jeff Hougland the week of the fight. I haven't found out the injury that force Hougland to pull out, but he has and in steps newcomer, Byron Bloodworth. Originally I thought Hougland would wear Easton down and submit him. But with Bloodworth stepping in with such short notice I feel that Easton should be able to prevail. Easton has been preparing for a fight for awhile now and Bloodworth I don't think has much time to prepare for Easton. Bloodworth should be in shape, he is coming off a KO victory just over a month ago.

My prediction is Easton by unanimous decision.

Shane Roller vs T.J. Grant

Both have good ground skills. Grant has 75% of his wins via submission and Roller has 60% of his win by submission. Needless-to-say, I think this fight will be primarily a ground battle. I think that both men are savvy enough to defend submissions. I believe this fight will go the distance.

My prediction is T.J. Grant by split decision.

Josh Neer vs Keith Wisnieski

Both men are making a return to the UFC. Wisnieski had a one-and-done back in 2005 and Josh Neer is a UFC veteran with 10 fights under the UFC banner, posting a dismal 4-6 record. Both men are riding winning streaks into this contest. Wisnieski is on a 6 fight winning streak stretching back to 2008. While Neer is on a 4 fight win streak. This is a tough fight for both men, both have a ton of experience, both are comfortable wherever the fight takes place.

In this fight I'm leaning toward Josh Neer. Wisnieski I believe will prefer to fight this battle on the ground to utilize his jiu jitsu. Josh I believe has more standup abilities and will try to finish this on the feet. I believe this fight will be fought everywhere. Neer will be able to defend submission attempts and get back to his feet and will win the standup battle.

My prediction is Neer by unanimous decision.

Walel Watson vs Joseph Sandavol

 The first fight of the UFC Live 6 prelims belongs to 2 up-and-comers. Watson and Sandavol are making their UFC debuts. Watson is 8-2 and Sandavol is 6-0. This is also a striker versus grappler matchup. Watson has 87.5% of his wins by submission and Sandavol is a striker. I can't imagine Sandavol will want to fight Watson on the ground, but that's exactly where I think the fight will go.

My prediction is Walel Watson by 1st round anaconda choke.

After looking at the matchups, it appears to me that the UFC Live 6 undercard will be a grapplers paradise with a lot of high level Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioners.

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