Wednesday, September 28, 2011

UFC Counter-Programming Themselves

So this morning I read an article on Cage Potato in which Dana White made an announcement that when the UFC goes to Japan on February 26th, they will also plan an event for Las Vegas the same night. When Dana White was asked how he would pull this off, he just smiled and said "You'll see." I don't understand why the UFC would purposely counter-program themselves.

No I'm of the same thought as the article. How do you do this logistically? Dana White can't obviously be in 2 locations. Neither can Joe Rogan nor Mike Goldberg. The rumor on the ring girls is that Chandella and Rachael Leah will be in Japan. So does that mean Arianny is going to be in Las Vegas? What about Bruce Buffer? This is going to make my head explode.

The logistics are one thing, the other is why split your audience? I get almost every pay-per-view. Now I'll have to decide which one I want to watch. Why make me decided which to watch, that sounds like it will hurt business more than help. Now I do believe pay-per-view buys in Japan will be huge for the Japanese event, but by hosting a Las Vegas show that night, I think the buys for North America will be slim for the Japan event. Again, why split the audience?

Time will tell how this plays out. Right now, all I see is a bad choice by the UFC to counter-program themselves. Dana White obviously believes he's got a solid plan. Let's hope he does.

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