Thursday, September 1, 2011

UFC 135 Injury Bug

The injury bug is back at UFC 135. So, I'm more than interested in the UFC 135 card due to the fact that I have tickets to the event. There has already been 2 fights canceled from the undercard. I am super disappointed.

The first is due to an injury to Manny Gamburyan. He suffered a shoulder injury and pulled out of his fight with Diego Nunes. Nunes then decided to pull off the card citing tendinitis and family issues. Nunes has a bit of a feud with Gamburyan from their WEC days and has decided to wait for both to be healthy to fight him.

Now today Norifuni "Kid" Yamamoto and Damacio Page have both pulled out of their fight stating that they are injured. Those injuries have yet to come to light. But the fight has been scratched from the card.

Both fights had fighters I really wanted to see and intriguing matchups. Again, I'm super disappointed. 

Now I don't go to that many live events so when I get an opportunity I want to see as many fights as possible. UFC 135 is now down to 10 fights on the card. Granted, their are some good fights. But UFC Fight Night 25 has 11 fights on the card and it's not a pay-per-view and last weekend's UFC134 had 12 fights on the card. Call me selfish but I hope the UFC adds at least one more bout to the card. Maybe a couple of young guys making their UFC debuts.

Hopefully the UFC 135 injury bug goes away.

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