Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hendo Wants It All

So I read a story on ESPN today in which Dan "Hendo" Henderson basically states he wants it all. The short of it is that he wants to fight in both Strikeforce and the UFC. He wants to keep his Strikeforce light heavyweight title, fight the winner of Jones/Jackson and wants a title shot against middleweight king, Anderson "The Spider" Silva.

Now I think this is something that Hendo is more than capable of doing, if he stays healthy. He is the only man in MMA history to hold titles in 2 different weight divisions, when he was the Pride middleweight and light heavyweight champion. But I highly doubt Zuffa will let this happen. Let's assume Zuffa complies with Henderson's wishes and he actually manages to win the UFC middleweight and light heavyweight titles. Then he would have to defend 3 titles. This puts a huge hold on both promotions for title fights. Most champions fight 2 to 3 times per year, barring any injuries. At the very best, he would defend the Strikeforce and UFC titles only once per year. That would create a backlog of challengers waiting for their shots.

The biggest obstacle in this deal, in my opinion, is that I believe Zuffa will merge Strikeforce into the UFC sometime next year. If that happens, there is no need for Hendo to defend his Strikeforce light heavyweight title. It makes more sense to have a unification bout with the current UFC light heavyweight champion, be it Jones or Jackson after there fight on September 24th.

Henderson has previously stated he didn't want to compete at middleweight anymore. So, as far as moving between weight classes, Henderson stated he will only compete at middleweight if he gets an immediate title shot against Anderson Silva. This is due to his burning desire to avenge his loss to the Spider. I could see this fight happening considering the landscape of the middleweight division right now. Silva has truly run out of challengers. His only viable challengers in the near future, in my opinion, are the Chael Sonnen/Brian Stann winner or the Michael Bisping/Jason Miller winner. Henderson could jump over everyone and get his shot to avenge his loss against Silva.

The next few weeks will shed more light on Hendo's requests. Hendo is currently in contract negotiations with Zuffa and states that they are 2 weeks to a month from finalizing a deal. But right now, Hendo is telling Zuffa that he wants it all!

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