Thursday, September 29, 2011


With the popularity of mixed martial arts increasing daily, I think it's time that ESPN finally moves the show MMA Live to a better time slot. I think it's a little absurd that it only airs once per week on Fridays at 2am EST. I would never see it if I didn't DVR the show.

Now I'm one of the guys that used to watch the show when it was only on and loved it then. I was really excited when they finally got air time on ESPN2. But since then, the executives at ESPN seem to have forgotten about them. They've never been moved to a better time slot and let's face facts, Sportscenter barely mentions the results of UFC events, let alone any other organization. And that is only if a big name like Brock Lesnar is fighting. At most there is a blurb or the main event and maybe the co-main event across the ticker for a couple hours. I can see the score for any baseball team all day, but only a couple hours for MMA results.

The next issue I have with ESPN's poor choice in time slots is the fact that MMA Live rarely starts on time. My program schedule says it starts at X time. But 9 times out of 10 it won't actually start until 30-45 minutes later. I actually have my DVR set up to record an extra hour past the scheduled time just to make sure I actually get the program.

On behalf of MMA fans everywhere, I implore the executives at ESPN to not only move MMA Live to a better time slot for the weekly show, but add live post fight shows (as they've done in the past), add more highlight content to Sportscenter and finally, air the show on time.

The popularity of MMA is growing, show the foresight to capture that audience now and create loyal fans. Anyone reading this blog, I urge you to write ESPN and ask them to make some changes.

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