Friday, September 9, 2011

Diaz now draws Penn

After Carlos Condit was pulled from his fight with BJ Penn to fight champion Georges St. Pierre, Penn was left without an opponent. Now it seems the UFC is willing to give Diaz a chance to redeem himself as he now draws Penn at UFC 137.

I'm actually really excited about the turn of events. I believe that Condit is actually a tougher opponent for GSP. Also, stylistically I think Diaz and Penn are almost twins of each other. Both have good striking skills, both have phenomenal jiu jitsu. However, I believe Penn is both the better striker and has better jiu jitsu than Diaz. This in my opinion, this is BJ's fight to lose.

There are two questions that pop in my head about this fight. The first, will Diaz fight Penn or duck him like it appears he is ducking GSP? The second, if Diaz loses, will the UFC release him following all the issues with his fight with GSP? Time will tell.

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