Tuesday, August 23, 2011

UFC 134 Main Card Break Down/Predictions

Alright, time for the main card predictions.

Luiz Cane(11-3, 1 NC) vs Stanislav Nedkov(11-0): This looks to be a classic striker vs grappler matchup. Cane has a ton of UFC experience while Nedkov will be making his UFC debut. The main thing I see in this matchup is that in all of Cane's UFC appearances he has yet to face a pure grappler. When he fought Lil Nog, Nog chose to stand with him. Nedkov is a beast on the ground. I expect Cane to be in some uncomfortable spots in this fight. My prediction is Nedkov by 3 round TKO via ground-and-pound.

Ross Pearson(12-4) vs Edson Barboza(8-0): This is a tough fight for me to predict, however, this should be a fun fight to watch. Both men like to stand and trade. Pearson is coming in winning 5 of his last 6 fights. Barboza is undefeated with 7 of his 8 wins coming via stoppage. 6 of those wins by TKO/KO. I expect Pearson to be a more technical striker trying to win a decision on points. Barboza will be looking for the KO. This fight really could go either way.My prediction is Barboza via 1st round KO.

Brendan Schaub(8-1) vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogeuira(32-6-1, 1 NC): The up-and-comer versus the legend. This fight for me really boils down to which Nogeuira shows up. If Nog is healthy he is almost unbeatable. Schaub is still a fairly one dimensional fighter relying on his knockout power. Nog is notoriously hard to knockout. Also, Nog has very underrated boxing skills. If a healthy Nog shows up he will win. If the Nog that fought Frank Mir and Cain Velasquez shows up, Schaub will knock him out. My bet is on a healthy Nogeuira. My prediction is Nogeuira via 2nd round choke out.

Mauricio Rua(19-5) vs Forrest Griffin(18-6): I believe both fighters have mental issues coming into this fight. Shogun is coming in off the destruction he faced against Jon Jones. Griffin has not looked the same since Anderson Silva ate his soul. And both me are looking to redeem themselves from their first meeting. Rua wants to avenge his loss to Griffin and prove it was a fluke. Griffin wants to prove that he is better than Rua and that first fight was not a fluke. I expect Shogun to utilize his muay thai with vicious leg kicks and try to keep the fight on the feet. I expect Forrest to attack him like he did in the first meeting by taking him down and working ground-and-pound and submissions to try an tire Shogun. The biggest factor in this fight for me is still Shogun's mental state. If he can shake off that beating he took he could very easily win this fight. If he looks hesitant and is unwilling to commit, Forrest will have his way with him. My prediction is Forrest by grinding out a unanimous decision.

And now, the MAIN EVENT:

Anderson Silva(30-4) vs Yushin Okami(26-5): This fight is being hyped as "the last man to beat Anderson Silva". However, in that fight Anderson was destroying Okami and then hit him with an illegal upkick and was disqualified. Both have similar records but the level of competition is tremendously weighted in Silva's favor. The only question in this fight is which Anderson Silva shows up. The one who dances around and toys with his opponent, or the one who is out to destroy you. My prediction is the Anderson that wants to destroy you shows up to avenge his loss. The Spider by 1st round KO.

Here are my UFC 134 Main Card Predictions. Please feel free to leave comments.

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