Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spygate, MMA Style

Just when I thought today would be a slow day for MMA news, Rampage Jackson comes through to save the day. In an article I read on Yahoo, Jackson states that his next opponent Jon Jones has a spy in his camp.

Jackson states that he fabricated a hand injury and didn't tell anyone except the people in his camp. Within 4 hours, Joe Silva, the UFC matchmaker was calling him to inquire about the injury. Jackson's camp asked where he had heard the information and Silva replied from Malki Kawa, Jon Jones' manager. In the article he states that when he fought Rashad Evans at UFC 114 he believes Rashad had information that he had a knee injury, which prompted Rashad to punch him in the knee. Rashad also at one time had Kawa as his manager. Kawa denies having a spy and stated "I promise to God, I have no spy in that camp. It’s completely and totally untrue."

Now if this is true, this has some interesting implications. If Jones is found to have spies in Jackson's camp, would the UFC fine him or suspend him? Would the UFC strip him of his title?

On the flip side, what if Jackson is paranoid? What if he is making all of this up? This isn't the first time Jackson has done something crazy. Anyone remember his hit-and-run a few years ago after he lost the light heavyweight title to Forrest Griffin?

Time will tell how this all plays out.

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