Monday, August 22, 2011

Curran Counter Striker Extraordinaire

I was a bit off on my prediction for Curran vs Sandro last Saturday. I thought Curran would use his counter-striking skills to win via unanimous decision. Who knew that he would land a beautiful head kick that would end the fight.

At the point in the fight when he landed the kick, I actually had Curran down on the score cards. It was late in the round and I had Sandro winning round one and it looked like he was going to win round two as well. But Curran was patient. As we have seen before, he is patient to a fault sometimes. In his loss to Eddie Alvarez he was extremely defensive and was not quite quick enough to be an effective counter-striker against the champion. But on Saturday it worked in his favor.

Congrats to Pat Curran for being the first fighter to win two Bellator tournaments and good luck in your title shot against Featherweight champion Joe Warren.

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